Looking to get a headstart on your college education?

The School-Based Scholars Program:
NKU's Dual Enrollment Option

Are you a high school student interested in taking dual credit classes?

Are you a high school student looking to save money on your college degree by taking some college classes early?

Welcome to the School-Based Scholars program! 

Our dual enrollment program offers high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take college classes for dual credit at their high school. Our students can take classes available to them at their high school and/or enroll in classes on our NKU Campus or at NKU's extended campus in Grant County. 

Please check out the links below for information about the program or our social media pages for program updates and deadlines:  Facebook: SchoolBasedScholars, Twitter: @NKUSBS

If you're interested in signing up for the School-Based Scholars Program or have questions about the program, please contact James Catchen at catchenj1@nku.edu or 859-392-2408.