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The mission of educational outreach is to expand access to educational opportunities by providing academic programs and courses apart from the Highland Heights campus of NKU. We use several key strategies to accomplish our mission:

  • Online programs and courses.
  • An extended campus currently located in Grant County.
  • The Program for Adult-Centered Education for working adult students.
  • Programs provided onsite for employers throughout the region.
  • School-Based Scholars, through which academically prepared high school students take college classes.
  • Prior Learning Assessment, through which students receive credit for their work experience.

If you are interested in an online, PACE or other nontraditional programs, e-mail us and please include the following information so we may better assist you.

  • Name
  • Day-time phone (business, cell or home)
  • E-mail (business or personal)
  • Area of interest
  • Highest degree earned
  • Previous institutions

NKU Educational Outreach
270 Campbell Hall
Highland Heights, KY 41099
(859) 392-2400